Tony Ball

29/10/1970 – Commenced training in Fudoshin Ryu Judo under Sensei Robert Lawrence. Essex, England.

03/05/1973 – Yudansha (Black Belt) Fudoshin Ryu Judo 1973 Jujutsu and restraint methods to Essex Police Force

01/05/1976 – 1st Dan Judo (BFA & Society of Black Belts UK) Sep, 1982 Brought Fudoshin Ryu to Australia. Commenced teaching within 3 weeks.

Feb, 1983 – Opened first Dojo at local school (Monterey Primary)

01/01/1985 – 3rd Dan Fudoshin Ryu (studies Judo, Jujutsu and Weaponry)

01/05/1989 – 4th Dan Fudoshin Ryu Weapons (Weapons Master certificate)

01/05/1989 – 4th Dan Fudoshin Ryu Judo

Feb, 1992 – Martial Arts and Sports Medicine seminar (Dr. Peter Lewis)

01/10/1992 – Godan (Fudoshin Ryu) awarded by Robert Lawrence, through AMA.

Mar, 1995 – Taught in Dojo in the Czech Republic. Soke taught police and SWAT teams at specialised workshop whilst there.

1996 – Received Blitz Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award. Category Weaponry

10/10/1996 – 6hour mat grading for Rokudan with founder of Fudoshin Ryu, Robert Lawrence. Soke passed with merit. Studies included Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Aikido, Kenjutsu, Bojutsu, Jojutsu and other weapons.

01/11/1996 – Fudoshin Master’s Certificate This certificate is the highest award/honour and rank achievable in the Fudoshin Ryu and was awarded by the founder, Robert Lawrence, Judan.

01/11/1996 – Rokudan (BFA & AMA) from Robert Lawrence

Oct, 2002 – Participated in the WASO (World All Styles Organisation) Masters Showcase

27/07/2003 – Taught at the Aikibudo Australia Cross Training Seminar

25/10/2005 – Cert. IV in Sports Coaching (Martial Arts) International College of Kenshusei

09/06/2006 – 7th Dan Fudoshin Ryu (AMA)

Oct, 2006 – USA/Australia International Martial Arts Exchange (IMA Graham Slater)

26/02/2007 – Certified Community Coach AASC (Active After School Communities). Australian Government certified incentive program for engaging children in after school programs.

April, 2008 – Sho Rei Sho award (DNBK, Kyoto) for Jujutsu

06/12/2008 – Taught at the Idokan Australia Open Seminar

30/05/2010 – Taught at the Bushido Instructors Association Open Seminar.

02/09/2010 – 8th Dan award, International Board of Black Belts (World Black Belt Council 1964)

02/10/2010 – Awarded 8th Dan Hanshi International Martial Arts Association

02/10/2010 – Awarded 8th Dan recognition Seibushin Kai

02/10/2010 – Budo/Bugei Kokusai Renmei. Hachidan award

11/08/2011 – PPCT Defensive Tactics Certificate (USA)

11/09/2011 – Taught at the Idokan Australia Open Seminar

20/01/2012 – Lead instructor (and instructor mentor) for the MAT (Martial Arts Therapy). Program which specialises in delivering Martial Arts based life skills programs to children in Primary and Secondary education.

01/05/2012 – Received 10th Dan Hanshi award from Hanshi Kai (Bruce Haynes)

Oct, 2013 – Received the WOMA (World Organiser of Martial Arts) Grand Master’s Cup.

20/02/2014 – Supported and taught at the annual Winter Camp (Kan Geiko Gasshuku) Yamagawa Dojo

Oct, 2014 – Presented at the World Budokan Festival of Martial Arts and Culture Salisbury, South Australia.

20/10/2014 – Supported Fight for Life (Kyoshi Kevin Walsh). Martial Artists raising awareness and support for Cancer.

22/08/2015 – Inducted into the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Inc), Lifetime Achievement Award.

Various and ongoing

  • Taught/teaching many students and instructors of other styles, mostly in Fudoshin Ryu Weaponry and Jujutsu.
  • Actively involved in teaching and supporting students within the Disability and Challenged Abilities sector.
  • Returned to England for seminars and workshops.
  • Acts as a senior advisor to many styles, students and instructors.
  • Has Dojo in South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Hold position of ‘Soke’ within the Fudoshin Ryu for Australia.
  • Currently writing three books. ‘Fudoshin training philosophy’, ‘Fudoshin: My Way of Life’, and ‘Fudoshin Ryu: an Introduction’.

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