What is “Fight for Life”?
“Fight for life” is an organisation created to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research. It was founded in 2010 by Kevin Walsh from the martial art organisation “Idokan Australia”.  See the “About Us” page for more information.

Where is the money donated?
In Australia all monies raised are donated to the “Cancer Council Australia”.
For “Fight for Life” seminars that are held outside of Australia. The money is donated to a Cancer Research facility in the country where the seminar is held. If the country does not have a cancer research facility then the money is donated to a local hospital or worthwhile charity.

What countries have held “Fight for Life” seminars?
Seminars have been held in:

  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Who is paid at “Fight for Life”

“Fight for Life” survives on good-will. No-one receives any money for the organisation or teaching at “Fight for Life” seminars. Even instructors travelling from interstate do so at their own expense.

I do not train in martial arts. Can I volunteer to help at Fight for Life seminars?
Yes, we need all the help we can get. Just send us a message via the “Contact Us” page.

Do I need to have a lot of experience to join in the “Fight for Life” seminars?
No, not at all. The seminars are run by VERY experienced instructors that are capable of teaching a mixed class of beginners and experienced martial artists. If you are in doubt just inquire about the suitability of a particular class when making your seminar selection. There is always a very wide variety of seminars to select from.

I am an instructor at my martial art school. Can I teach at “Fight for Life”?
To apply to become an instructor at “Fight for Life” you need to contact Kevin Walsh via the “Contact Us” page.

There is no “Fight for Life” seminars in my area. Can I run my own “Fight for Life”  seminar?
Yes it is possible to organise your own “Fight for Life” seminar you need to contact Kevin Walsh via the “Contact Us” page.

Is it possible to donate money to “Fight for Life”?
Yes, we receive many donations from individuals, organisations and martial art schools. Some instructors collect from their school and bring along a donation at the seminar. You will be provided with a receipt that is tax deductible from the “Cancer Council Australia”.

I run a business can I donate goods or services to “Fight for Life”?
Yes, goods or services can be used to directly help with the running of the event like printing, advertising equipment rental, etc. Otherwise the goods/services will be auctioned and the money is donated.


Posted by on November 27, 2013