Peter has trained in Jujutsu since 1990 and has been teaching Jujutsu since since 1995. He is the chief instructor of San Go Ichi Ryu Ju Jutsu, which has three clubs in Brisbane.

Peter has studied a range of martial arts including Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Yoshinkan Aikido, Karate/Kobudo and kenjutsu. His primary art, though, has always been Traditional Gendai Jujutsu.

Peter is also a high school maths teacher, beginning this career the same year he began Jujutsu. He is classed as Senior Teacher with Education Queensland and has always utilised these pedagogical skills to also benefit his Jujutsu students. He has held a level 3 coaching accreditation with the Australian Ju Jitsu Federation and held other positions of responsibility in the martial arts, currently the Queensland representative for the International Budo Federation.

San Go Ichi Ryu Jujutsu is a style that is rooted in the concept of bun-bu ichi: theory and practice as one. Drills to perfect biomechanics and self-defence sequences are central, in a structure that instills martial arts etiquette and strategy, but also focuses on randomised self-defence and sparring, to maintain real-life functionality. The curriculum and training methodology caters to the needs of all ages and abilities, aiming to always remain true to the people, the purpose and the principles of Jujutsu.

Peter has run seminars for charity, including a Brisbane Fight For Life event in 2012 and most recently an IBF seminar this year which raised money for the Royal Brisbane Children’s hospital. He is looking forward to being a first-time presenter in the 2017 Melbourne Fight For Life event.

Posted by on October 21, 2017