Jason Gray the chief instructor at Omoikiri Budo Kai has been studying Martial arts for 30 years and teaching locally in Maldon and Castlemaine for over 2 years, He holds a 6th Dan black belt in Omoikiri Budo Kai and black belt levels in other Freestyle Karate styles as well as Muay Thai. 
Jason is a Certified Instructor with Martial Arts Australia and has formal Qualifications in Training and Assessment, First Aid as well as a Diploma in Sports Coaching, specialising in Martial Arts and a current Working with Children Check.
Omoikiri Budo Kai is a freestyle Karate based in Central Victoria, with clubs in Castlemaine, Narre Warren and Delahey.
Our name Omoikiri Budo Kai, is taken form three Japanese words;-
Omoikiri, translates as “with all ones strength (heart)”. Other recognised translations include “Try as hard as you can” and “Be the best you can be”.
Budo, translates as “Martial Arts” or “Fighting Arts”
Kai, translates as “Association or Club”.
Therefore our name, Omoikiri Budo Kai, translates as, “With all ones heart martial arts club”.
Ultimately, this is what we want out students to strive for….”to be the best they can be”
Our aim is to develop and teach a Martial Arts program that encourages all students to better themselves though the incorporation of the Omoikiri ethos into their everyday lives regardless of their overall Martial Arts ability.
We want to see our students; trying their best, making some improvement and having some fun…
Jason has been a long time supporter of the Fight for Life seminars and his efforts are very much appreciated.

Posted by on October 21, 2017