Graham Slater

I’m humbled to be asked to teach at the ‘Fight For Life’ a fundraiser event for cancer research.

I have trained in a few karate styles (Shotokan being the primary), kung fu, tai chi, shintaido, aikido and a few other systems over the past 45 years. During that time, I have been fortunate to have trained/taught in 15 countries, some many times. I have also had the privilege to learn from some very gifted people that have helped shape the way I view martial arts. As many would expect over the years, many of us start experimenting, blending and dissecting techniques, concepts and philosophies and I’m no different.

This being the case for the seminar, I thought I would share more concepts of timing, distance, the interval between moves and pre-empting attacks, so participants can apply the elements to their own art. If we get time, I will also share my flexibility training that helps release tension in the body and allows the muscles to flex more easily creating a greater range of movement.

Posted by on August 14, 2019