Master Nicholas Conduit discovered Hapkido in 1999 after years of studying Kickboxing, Karate and Taekwondo. 
When first beginning his training in Hapkido, Master Conduit was given the choice to progress through the coloured belt ranks of Hapkido, or train in the original and traditional method of wearing a white belt until the day your Teacher deemed you worthy of wearing the black. Master Conduit, respecting the traditions and teachings of the forefathers of Hapkido, chose to wear a white belt for the years that followed, as the Grandmasters before him had done many centuries ago. Master Conduit’s first Hapkido Teacher was very stern and unforgiving and it was after one particularly difficult night of training that a black belt was thrown at him from across the room and he was granted permission to wear it. There was no ceremony, and no notice of preparation; every class was a potential grading.
Master Conduit has worked in Security and as a Custodial Officer for the Department of Justice for over twelve years and has found himself in many occasions where necessity required him to protect himself, and others. Hapkido has been a valuable tool in close quarters, multiple attacker and single attacker conflicts. 
In 2009 Master Conduit travelled to South Korea to train with Grandmaster Chang Young Sil, the Founder of the International Hapkido Federation. Training every morning, day, and evening the time spent in Korea was as much of a personal journey as it was a learning exercise. Grandmaster Chang was extremely impressed with Master Conduit’s skill and understanding of Hapkido. Through training with Grandmaster Chang, Master Conduit met and began corresponding with Grandmaster Gottfried Roser, Grandmaster Chang’s most senior Western student and the Founder of the International Hapkiyoosool Federation.
After receiving the blessing of Grandmaster Chang and Grandmaster Roser, Master Conduit relocated with his family and opened Conduit Hapkido Centre in Point Cook, Melbourne. In late 2010 Master Roser visited Australia and conducted an International Seminar, and specialist black belt training with Master Conduit. It was through this training that Grandmaster Roser acknowledged Master Conduit’s skill and he was honoured with the title of President of the International Hapkiyoosool Federation, Australian Headquarters.
In 2012 Master Conduit was officially invited to co-host an International Hapkido Seminar in America, and flew to Florida to instruct alongside Grandmaster Roser. It was during the four day seminar that Master Conduit was honoured with the rank of Master, and received his International Instructors Certificate in Hapkido. 
Master Conduit branches out to Schools and runs self defence programs for adolescents, he has instructed specialist Weapons Defence and Women’s Self Defence Courses. Currently Master Conduit is studying a Bachelor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to further understand the workings of the human body, and the Chinese approach to healing. 
The unique style of Hapkido as taught by Master Conduit is the only fluid and free flowing Hapkido School in Australia. Hapkido from the International Hapkiyoosool Federation is taught without the need for muscle strength, centering its teachings on understanding the weaknesses of the human body, how to break balance and apply great pain through precise pressure points. This distinct understanding is a trademark of the International Hapkiyoosool Federation and exclusive from any other Hapkido school in Australia and what sets Master Conduit apart from any other Hapkido Instructor in Australia.
Nicholas Conduit has taught at the last two Fight for Life seminars and is definitely a crowd favorite, he is a great supporter of the seminar and is now part of the Fight for Life committee.

Posted by on October 20, 2017