Master Nicholas Conduit, 5th Degree and International Instructor.
Master Conduit is a full-time Hapkido Instructor at Conduit Martial Arts with over 25 years of experience; coordinating a team of highly skilled Instructors in Australia and the USA. 
Hap (Harmony/ Coordination) Ki (Energy/ Life-force), Do (Way/ Path) is an amazing Martial Art. Characterised by its fluid balance-breaking circular movements, the precision of joint manipulation and pressure point application, traditional weaponry, and targeted strikes and kicks. 
Master Conduit regularly travels to the USA and Korea to further his study of Hapkido and to instruct in seminars. In conjunction with his Hapkido studies, Master Conduit is also completing his Bachelor degree in Health Science; Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. He has extensive experience working with the Department of Justice as a Prison Officer in maximum-security prisons, where his real-world and precise understanding of Hapkido has never failed in his ability to keep himself and others safe. 
Master Conduit has had the opportunity to train with Sensei Steven Seagal and demonstrate his skills in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Posted by on October 20, 2017