Gary Oliver

Gary is a retired school principal who began his Budo journey in Judo in 1964. He began Karate training in 1969, Kendo and Iaido training in 1980.
Currently, Gary runs the Ballarat Kendo Club Inc which he established in 1987 and the Maryborough Karate Club which began three years ago.

Gary began Kendo in 1980 at the Melbourne Kendo Club in Little Bourke St. under Sensei Sumitaka Nagae.
Ten years as State President of the Victorian Kendo Renmei (1999 – 2009)
Founder of Ballarat Kendo Club Inc (1987). This dojo is the second oldest Kendo Club in Victoria. Gary was the Victorian delegate to the National Organisation (Australian Kendo Renmei) for ten years.
In 1997 during the World Kendo Championships, he performed Iaido at the Butokuden in Kyoto.
Victorian State Kendo Coach 2002
Has attended Asian Zone Referee Seminar held in Japan, South Korea & Hong Kong.
He attended the 2001 summer School for foreign Kendo Leaders.
Still actively presenting in schools – Over 150 Martial Arts demonstrations in schools in metropolitan and country Victoria.
An annual competitor and referee at State and National competitions – Gary has won or placed in the top four in Kendo and Iaido at both State and National Championships.
Gary regularly travels to Okinawa and Japan for training and competition and organises team competitions, training opportunities and host family for his club members.

Current positions

  • Director – Australia Branch of the Okinawan Shorin Ryu Matsumura Seito Karate & Kobudo Federation (OSMKKF) by Grand Masters Kise Fusei and Kise Isao
  • Member of the Iaido Technical Committee to the Victorian Kendo Renmei
  • Delegate to the Victorian Kendo Renmei representing the Ballarat Kendo Club Inc

Gradings awarded

  • 6th Dan Karate
  • 5th Dan Kendo
  • 5th Dan Kobudo
  • 5th Dan Iaido
  • 1st Dan Jodo

All gradings were achieved in Okinawa, Japan or by visiting Japanese Sensei in Australia.

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