Dominik Argast

Dominik Argast has held a lifelong fascination with Japanese swordsmanship. He has been studying Iaido, the way of drawing the sword, for more than 20 years and Jodo, the way of the Jo, for more than 15 years. He started his studies in Seitei Iai and Muso Shinden Ryu in Europe under Shizufumi Ishido Sensei. During an extended stay in the UK, he had the opportunity to study Iaido with Jock Hopson Sensei, who also introduced him to Jodo. After relocating to Australia, he continued his studies under various Sensei visiting Australia regularly, notably Oda Katsuto Sensei and Nagajama Kuniaki Sensei.

At the Australian Iaido & Jodo Championships in 2015 he won the 4th Dan Individual Iaido competition and was runner-up in the 3rd-4th Dan Individual Jodo competition. He holds 5th Dan in Iaido and 4th Dan in Jodo, and runs the Tojinkai Dojo in Brunswick, Melbourne.


Posted by on September 20, 2018