David Brown

David Brown Shihan is one of the most senior Aikido instructors in Australia having started Aikido training in 1965 under the guidance of Arthur Moorshead in Tasmania.  David moved to Sydney in 1971 to Study with Sugano Sensei whom O’Sensei had sent to Australia as his representative.  He spent close to two years training with Sugano Sensei in Sydney with a small group of students, at times being the only student in class. This gave him the perfect environment to ask questions and test not only his skills, but that of his instructor.  Throughout his Aikido journey David has always focused on the martial and practical aspects of Aikido. David Brown’s technical understanding of the martial aspect of Aikido is unparalleled.

David has been in a boxing ring where he was able to demonstrate the martial aspect of Aikido against a former World Boxing Champion.


Posted by on October 21, 2017