Astrid McNally

Astrid began her martial arts journey in 1999 at Melbourne martial arts academy practising kickboxing and Muay Thai with Shihan George Kolovos, who trained with Shihan Eddie Amin, a student and close friend of Sosai Mas Oyama the founder of Kyokushin Karate.
While training she was inspired to try Kyokushin Karate and trained alongside other notable karate practitioners as Shihan Maria Rich, Shihan Judd Reid, Sensei Peter Rich, Sensei Kylie Baker, Sensei Phil Jacobson.

After several months of training, she was inspired by the story of Judd Reid who was an Uchi Dechi student under Mas Oyama to take an enormous step forward in her journey and become an Uchi Dechi student herself under Shihan George Kolovos. During this intense 3 years of full-time training, Astrid achieved a 1st Dan ranking in Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Kyokushin Karate. She became a fighter of much notoriety at this time and won the Victorian middleweight kickboxing title along with multiple state titles in karate. In 2002 she realised a dream to compete in the karate world championships in Japan where she placed 2nd.

Astrid McNallyAstrid continued to practice Karate and Kickboxing while studying health and fitness where she achieved the rank of master trainer under the Australian Institute of Fitness. Astrid taught kids karate and kickboxing in several dojos at this time and became very popular as a coach and teacher.

Since 2005 she has trained at Fighting Arts Fitness Centre under Shihan Maria Rich and Sensei Peter Rich. Shihan Maria is a former world champion herself and the FAFC have a reputation as being one of the strongest fighting teams in not only Australia but in international competition and have travelled to Japan many times for both junior and senior competition.

While training at FAFC Astrid achieved her Nidan ranking in Kyokushin. and became a judge and referee for karate tournaments. While doing just that at the Arnold Classic in 2017 she decided to return to fighting after a twelve-year hiatus to raise two children. After twelve months of intense training, she achieved the unthinkable and won the Arnold Classic in 2018 and again in 2019!

She continues to defy the odds and compete at a high level and in 2019 won silver and bronze in two separate divisions of the National Kyokushin Karate Championship in Sydney.

Astrid continues to train and inspire others and has a growing reputation throughout Australia and New Zealand as one of the best karate fighters ever.

Posted by on August 14, 2019